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Thursday November 10th 2011    Tim Candler

     The Summer Tanager is long gone.  He's probably somewhere on the borderlands between the United States and Mexico.  It's shrubs and dust there, the occasional tree, pasture or range, there'll be tongue tied Texans, and Rancheros with lassos, and amongst the still blooming he'll find bees to eat, otherwise it's trash cans where in the stickiness and mank he'll find wasps to eat.  


 It's just my preference, but I believe that if I was a Summer Tanager I would reckon on Wasps being fair game.  They'd be prickly and bad tempered and beady eyed, and I'd gobble them up without a second thought.  Eating Bees, although they too can sting, would always be an emotional challenge, especially on the colder morning when they are slow and far from home and have dew on their wings.

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