An English In Kentucky


















Tuesday November 1st 2011    Tim Candler

     My own understanding has for some years run as follows.  Our species originated in what is now Equatorial Africa.  More likely we were water loving forest dwellers, and of the many arguments, I have for some years followed the one which suggests we were driven from our forest home by a change in climate that resulted in reduced habitat.  We wandered afraid onto a warm, dry and horizon-less savannah and but for our sociable-ness, or argumentative-ness, we soon would have fallen to extinction.  


There is an alternate idea which suggests the origin of our species, is right here in Kentucky.  We have the forests, we have the water, and generations ago Kentucky might have been equatorial. It might have included Alligators, Anacondas, a huge Ground Sloth, Spider Monkey, the delicious Arboreal Tamarin and a Giant Beaver the size of a Black Bear.  Our woodland might have teamed with Surinam Cherry, Tamarillo, Loquat, Custard Apple and Cocoa. Then came Kentucky's first winter. Hardier Kentuckians invented the expression 'just saying' and stayed put. Disgruntled Kentuckians went on to populate our planet.

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