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Friday November 25th 2011    Tim Candler

      A little frost followed by sunshine, which means  wide open sky and tension in the Mockingbird community.  This morning, however, Meadowlarks forayed.  They came in force which is always frustrating for Mockingbirds, because Meadowlarks are inclined to think Mockingbirds more entertaining than fierce.  I can see Larks out there in the Hickory Tree, just where the borderland is,  and I believe they are teasing.

     A Blue Jay, on the other hand, reacts quite well to head on assault, and if a Mockingbird is lucky a Blue Jay will set up an alarm that brings Blue Jays from all around to check out the excitement and it's fun for everybody, including the Meadowlarks who sit in their tall tree and watch.  But sometimes Blue Jays mistake Chicken Hawks for Mockingbirds, and when that happens somebody with blue feathers suddenly dies.

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