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Tuesday November 29th 2011    Tim Candler

      My own view of the competitive spirit is Darwinian.  A struggle to secure increasing  resource for a particular arrangement of genes. And it's interesting to find in my own species, the greater the access to resource a particular arrangement of genes has, the fewer offspring  this arrangement of genes appears inclined to produce.  Which I do not believe is something that can yet be said for Hoppy Bugs and Bean Beetle, who at this moment are wisely at rest and absent the hurly-burly maybe open to suggestion. 

     In my own species there are exceptions to theory, and from these exceptions lessons are learned.  Generally those of my own kind who are both resource rich and still bountiful through progeny, adhere to a belief system that promotes male dominance.  So this winter, when I walk through the sodden but hallowed ground I call the Vegetable Garden, I will again be pamphleteering and issuing summons. 

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