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Thursday November 3rd 2011    Tim Candler

     They play their games with power and those of us with better things to do have wallowed in their shine since first they directed us to leave the woodlands.  So who am I to expect much more from the political class than perpetual disagreement, which I can reward with the words, "At least they are kept busy."  But for some reason the 112th Congress of the United States voting to  reaffirm the 1956 vote for a national motto has sent me into decline.  Not only did they do the same thing twice, but they again failed to observe the signature of a lasting motto which is that it be in Latin so that only the catatonic know what it means.


       I can delude myself, as well as anyone.  I can tell myself the political class has intentions, most of them well meaning.  I can tell myself that out there is a complexity, mostly beyond my grasp, and feel fortunate that there are men and women amongst us prepared to don the mantels and robes of leadership, struggle with the great questions, plant sign posts, put men on the moon and so on.  Then suddenly I suspect those in charge of us are, if not complete morons, then at least mildly retarded.  Semper Fidelis.

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