An English In Kentucky


















Friday November 4th 2011    Tim Candler

     Tomorrow is the big day for me.  In anticipation I practiced the five o'clock dawn with a breakfast of chocolate flavored whey.  I can say neither fell under the category of remotely healthy.  Nor do I anticipate benefiting from anything like 'practice makes perfect.'  As well it would help if my employer could stop ringing me up with reminders of arrival times, and other do's and don'ts . 


Who would have thought I would ever be suspected of owning a cell phone, which I am assured is verboten in this line of work.  Those awful contraptions must be the bubble gum of the twenty first century. As well, footwear appears to be critical.  None of this jackass slobbering around in flip flops.  Shoes have to be wiser than I am.  And I can't help but wonder what the ancestors would think.

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