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Tuesday November 8th 2011    Tim Candler

     I'd like to think that a Blue Jay flying with nut in beak, is on his way to useful work.  I'd like to think his mind contains a terrain map upon which he marks an X each time he hides a nut.  Then at night he goes to his perch where he spends the darkness dreaming of plenty, his imagination riotous with X's that give him accomplishment, satisfaction and the knowledge that he is safe for a while.  As well I'd like to think the Blue Jay very engaged in burying Maple leaves is about that same task.


 Blue Jays I have decided are sociable.  They like to impress each other, as my own species likes to.  And often when society is engaged, fantasies become real, and reason is given a dunce cap.  And why? Because it's the  dream world produces the extraordinary X, that goes on into the generations to became fashionable practice and structure.  Shoes, socks, shaving, job creators and deodorant.  Here, too,  it's tempting to answer the question: "Why is that Blue Jay trying to bury a Maple leaf?" 

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