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Thursday October 13th 2011    Tim Candler

        I can see it in terms of a social movement in opposition to vested interests that have grown short sighted in their understanding and use of power.  Through the generations those who are idealistic are essentially simple folk.  We stare at the darkness with a wide eye that sees just the one star, and we point in that excited way.  "Yes!" we say "The war will be over by Christmas."

     I guess the analogy of "shepherd" is no accident, so long as I can bleat, run from sheep dogs and hope I am being saved for my wool.   Which certainly makes me feel patronized and irresponsible, or maybe docile and indentured.  But somehow I'd rather belong to the analogy of shepherd and sheep, than feel enslaved by bowing down to the idea of the richest amongst us as "Job Creators" or "Perfect."   

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