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Saturday October 15th 2011    Tim Candler

        Of the two varieties  of Raspberry, Latham Raspberry have been awkward from the day they arrived and could be exiled shortly.  The other variety of Raspberry, which are Heritage Red Raspberry, will most likely grow to dominate the Vegetable Garden and its surrounds unless checked by a shovel or by disease. 

    Plato was right of course.  "As for the beginning, it's a god that succors,"  or some such phrase.   The Latham Raspberry was sent through the mail, they arrived disgruntled but hearty, and there were twelve of them, which was odd because I had only paid for five plants and I had asked for a Raspberry called Yellow Anne because of the name.

     On reflection I should have huffed, made the phone call and returned the Latham Raspberries, but their roots were beginning to dry and before I could think like a healthy consumer I had them in a bucket of water and I was cooing at them.  A big error on my part.  A weakness of mind, because ever since they have remained straggling and they have owned a habit I will call "slightly demented."

      I think too that every time I pass the Latham Raspberry I find myself wondering how Yellow Anne  might manage the bed, which is hardly conducive to comfortableness between gardener and plant.  The Latham's can probably read me and might even be looking forward to a fresh start in the fence line where there are thirsty Jackals like Goldenrod.  But if I remember I had these same thoughts last year, and maybe again this time next year.

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