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 Sunday October 16th 2011    Tim Candler

      Charles Babbage invented the cow-catcher.  He also devoted many hours of his life to mechanical calculating machines one of which, had it been built, would have contained up to twenty five thousand parts and it would have weighed up to fifteen tons.  In his day numerical tables were calculated by people who were called 'computers'.  Babbage machines that did leave the drawing board were less prone to error than 'computers', and soon these machines dominated the field.

     Charles Babbage hated street music, particularly organ grinders. And he had a particular anger towards "Hoop Rollers."  In the 1860's Charles involved himself in the 'Anti-hoop Rolling Campaign.'  Boys and girls in those days apparently wasted a great deal of their time hitting hoops with sticks and running about in the fresh air laughing and screaming, in a manner that I agree would be most infuriating.

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