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 Wednesday  October 19th 2011    Tim Candler

    Emotions are pundits of mind.  Others might offer reason or god and by so doing send pundits to the clinician for auditing.  Then what does a person do in the morning when he is in conversation with his television set.  Does he just sit there in silence.  Wonder whether it might be time change the color if his hair, breakfast upon sugar puffs, invest in an exercise machine or visit the doctor's office for a prescription that cures sleep apnea, lowers cholesterol and removes warts permanently.

  For me, coffee and a cigarette help, but it's no substitute for half  an hour with the rabid.  I like to feel the brain steam.  I like to vocalize and point.  I like to raise issues, and issue threats.  And no doubt in a perfect world there would be no adverts and my television set would be in a padded cell, so that indeed I could be all that I could be, switch the channel to Fox, without risking the question of sanity. 

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