An English In Kentucky


















Saturday October 1st 2011    Tim Candler

      The last time bankers suffered the penalty of exuberance a generation of people learned to cherish paper bags, prize Christmas wrappings and for a treat they buttered their bread with lard.  Jumped trains to look for work.   Saw the rise of exotic ideas, most of which were tribal in origin and one of which began as political science.  A confusion that resulted in the Second World War, the atomic weapon, a burgeoning middle class and a social contract that included an idea of security which probably is feudal in origin.

     And it's worth going back in time to the Victorian Era.  The City of Birmingham in England, perhaps.  The average height of the British working man was rapidly declining.  The Queen herself wondered why.  Bad food, worse hygiene, and she needed her soldiers to be at least sixty six and one half inches.  In 1860's, laws were passed that required all new houses be attached to sewer systems and around the time Colorado Territory became Colorado and  following the disaster in the Crimea, nursing became a profession in Britain.

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