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 Friday  October 21st 2011    Tim Candler

    Two months until Winter Solstice. And these are the hard months, which is why we stuff them with follies such as Thanksgiving and Christmas Shopping Season. Get it all over with, done, finished, be-gone while days are shortening and while Scorpions, Archers and Sea-Goats have their birthdays.  But at least Easter, and its Rabbit, makes sense.  Those lucky bastards, far to our south, probably have Spinach and Daffodils, Cherry bloom and their Potato in sweet green rows.


     I wish I could remember what frost did to Chard.  It's easy enough to give reign to imagination and think of the Chard cheerful through morning temperatures lower than twenty nine Fahrenheit.  But there is always a chance by this evening I'll be just too depressed to gallop around outside with blankets.  A something The Artist is very good at doing, and seems to enjoy.  Me I'd rather dig up the Chard take it five thousand miles South of here.  It's "a sense of place" I guess. 

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