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 Saturday  October 22nd 2011    Tim Candler

    This time in two weeks, I might not be here, because this time in two weeks I should be gainfully employed.  And by gainfully employed I mean at the beck and call of a capital entity which deducts taxes from the minimum wage. The last time I was employed by such an entity, the relationship crumbled following two inches of snow, the obligations of  idle management, political disagreement, raised voices, and some very cruel words that led to an idea that put me in the category of rabble rouser.  It was winter 1981, or perhaps 1980.  I had a head cold and in those days I believed in rum, freedom and equality.


       I have always thought that high on their list of obligations, an employer should etch politeness.  I need to be told that I am a freeman. I don't like to be shouted at.  It's nice to know why I am doing something. The occasional please and thank you. A pat on the head around birthdays.  I am not fond of 'employee of the month.'  I think here where I live that's called "suck-ass" behavior.   Nor do I approve of a management that define themselves by the vehicle they drive, or the suits they wear, or how much wealthier they are. Otherwise I am again ready to be told I speak funny.  And if ever the union men arrive, if I am disgruntled, I'll pay my dues and know that nothing has changed since last I was gainfully employed.

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