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 Thursday  October 27th 2011    Tim Candler

     As a smart ass myself, I find other smart asses incredibly irritating.  It's the size of the ego, I guess.  Then I get what I think is an A  grade for The Artist's birthday present. And as other smart asses know, high grades let loose on ego are sure sign of imminent fall, because we smart asses are not driven beings, we are more like mushrooms, mostly underground with an occasional bloom. Most of which are poisonous.


      And once on a roll, a smart ass soon gathers a pontificate momentum.  We begin to think the content of our sneezes profound.  The ground that we walk hallowed.  It's a wonderful feeling and because it is transient, I'll say "Giving is more fun than taking."  Which has to be absolute nonsense of course, otherwise it would be a political slogan.

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