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 Friday  October 28th 2011    Tim Candler

     There is primal joy to be had from confrontation.  Some take pleasure from it, think it a release, see it as a necessary solution to disagreement.  They jump with joy and cheer, adrenalin charged by the possibility of  S+R=? 

    Others might hint that something like civilization is no more than a process of managing solutions to S+R.  And always worth remembering the chariot race between the Reds and the Blues, the Greens and the Whites that almost destroyed Justinian's Constantinople and the Eastern Empire.  I think about thirty or forty thousand rioters were killed or executed.  Which I guess is one way of answering the question.


In many respects science is civilizing.  It's disciples adhere to a process that manages disagreement.  A scientist has no idea what is going to happen tomorrow, but he has his guesses and he reckons his guesses well founded and he or she stands their corner grinning, or perhaps hoping.  And sporting events, however odious a solution to confrontation, adhere to a civilizing process.  Sports men and women take their chances, endure the locker rooms, shower together, sometimes win, mostly lose, then get old like the rest of us, and you have to ask why. 

     And too I have come to think that those who have a distrust of the religious see in the religious process a dominating force that can sometimes strike a sensitive mind as tyrannical because in the physics of  S+R, the ? is the joy part.

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