An English In Kentucky


















Saturday  October 29th 2011    Tim Candler

     Outrageous the Northern Mockingbird snipping at me for frost on the ground, horrible cold and what from inside I am told is freezing fog, but which from outside I cannot see at all because I am wearing socks and have on the romper wear Inuit  feel at home in.  It's not my fault I look like this, but he seems to think it is.  So I snip back and we stare at each other, and probably I should get some exercise to encourage circulation which on a cold morning appears to avoid those vessels that take blood to the brain.


 I don't know how other comrades live without tobacco and coffee, but there they are on the television, smoke free and bright-eyed like school prefects in charge of the cold baths. I think it the duty of a good comrade like "Up with Chris Hayes" to at least make the attempt to appear hung over or foul minded or unshaven or deeply depressed.  Otherwise how on earth is a person like me supposed to get beyond unnatural cheerfulness and down into the grit of who gets what and for god's sake why.

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