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Sunday  October 30th 2011    Tim Candler

     Ladybird in the room where I sleep.  He's been pottering around for number of days. He needs an Aphid or something else that's juicy.  Probably he will carry on until he succumbs to starvation or sleep, and I like to think there are no Mealybugs or Mites or other soft shelled insects up here for him to feed upon.  Of course he's very welcome to stay, but if he doesn't settle down, follow the rules about flying at night coffee cups, keyboards and friends staying over, I might have to introduce the vacuum cleaner. 


       By some estimates a Ladybird can only eat up to fifty Aphids a day, they can live for up to only nine months, which means that in the course of their life a Ladybird may only consume around thirteen thousand Aphids. A female Aphid lives for about thirty days. In the warm weather she can give birth to around twelve live children a day.  And each one of those children is a female who can also give birth to up to twelve live children a day.  Either way we are looking at billions and billions of Ladybird meals. Then, as I understand it, when the weather gets cool, girl Aphids grow boy parts, eggs are laid and Ladybugs look to the indoors for lodging.

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