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Monday  October 31st 2011    Tim Candler

     A time comes when a mind asks what it was that drove members of my species from the somnolence of perpetual warmth to those places on earth which fall into the category of containing winter.  Were we once that furry and well blubbered, I wonder, or have we always been preoccupied by clothing and foot wear and a restless fascination with other heating or warming devices.


      It is one of those questions that usually produces excitable answers about the genius of our species, its ability to adapt and make things, our curiosity, our magnificence and so on.  We didn't just sit there waiting for Saber-Toothed Tiger to make breakfast out of us. And it's strange how proud we are of these capacities. Yet I am beginning to think Eden with its Apple and Snake a better and better explanation for them.

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