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Monday October 3rd 2011    Tim Candler

      Spelt and Khorasan  planting today.   About thirty five square foot for Spelt and about thirty five square foot for Khorasan, means a potential for at least two pounds of wheat.  But I am firm in my belief that just a couple of ears from each will suit us, and I'll tell you why.  

    Both varieties of Wheat came from the nut eater's shop in the big town.  A friendly man with a beard told me that his Spelt would sprout, and I want to believe him.  The Khorasan is sold under the trademark name of Kamut, and if their boast is correct, it too should sprout.  But it has come to the point where honor in trade is a figment and mostly we are suckers.

     On the other side, it's possible we are planting too late or too early.  Winter and Spring will be too warm or too cold, too wet or too dry.  And a harvest in June of next year is very faraway.

    Then there is the idea of a wheat ancient Egyptians ground into flour.  The stone mills they used left grit in their meal, which damaged their teeth.  And there is the idea of a wheat, husks of which where found in the camps of early Europeans called the Beaker People, or more properly The bell-Beaker Culture.  And The Artist is adamant, there will be no straight lines, she will broadcast seeds while I do prayers and chanting.

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