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Tuesday October 4th 2011    Tim Candler

      Certainly there is an 'invisible hand', and while this 'invisible hand' deserves respect due to ancestry, it does not determine our future, because we still do that ourselves through the mistakes we make.  And to be clear, the word 'spiritual' would serve us better were we to understand it in terms of 'belonging to creativity' rather than as 'belonging elsewhere.'  As to the question of reason, neither it or anything else is almighty.  The Gods we pray to are as confused as we are, because that's what justice means. 

     Then there is scientific method. The fairness of debate, an agreement between minds that states if you can demonstrate I am wrong, my obligation is to shake your hand, bow my head, rather than grab you by the throat and try to strangle you.   But the sad fact is we all get a buzz out of winning because we think it's a moment that will last forever.  Which is useful in the squabble over things that are gone by tomorrow, like dinner or votes or being alive.

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