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Wednesday October 5th 2011    Tim Candler

Image - Benutzer:Thomas Ihle

      Wonder if the Beaker People stared at their Spelt, as I have been doing.  I wonder if they poked at the grains to see if there was at least a chance of sprout.  I wonder if they held tirades in their garden that unnerved their Mockingbirds and sent their Blue Jays scurrying. I wonder if they tied their smaller children to stakes and distributed them evenly across their tilth to keep Dove at bay. And I wonder if they imagined grotesque images of their bearded seed purveyors so as to properly fix blame.

     Amongst the Beaker People a style of clay pot that looks like an inverted bell became fashionable.  And there is a suspicion, amongst those who are still able to, that the bell shape may have had something to do with the fermenting of mead or beer.  From The Hebrides and Scandinavia, to Spain and Sicily, across Germany toward the Steppes, these pots have been found by those who still like to dig in the earth.   Beaker people may even have built Stonehenge.  So I wonder if the New Me needs something like a henge to fill this wait.

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