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Friday October 7th 2011    Tim Candler

      Three and a half pacing days for both kinds of Wheat to sprout.   And a little less for Turnip and Mustard to sprout.  My what a shock we'll get when the frost arrives, because today and tomorrow have forecast temperatures in the eighties, and no rain until whenever.  But this time next month it could be Winter, and this time three months from now it will most definitely be Winter, which is why the Artist has been tufting her Chosen trees.

     For some of us, Winter is mostly about the importance of elegant or at least unexpected vignettes following the possibility of snow.  And to this end the Chosen trees are primped and worried over.  There's a gathering of them in a corner of the small field.  There's one by the Vegetable Garden.  The one beside the Barn, gave the Cedar Mockingbird his name.  And just over the hill, where Coyote live and where trapped Rabbit are released, there's what could be a wonderland.

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