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Saturday October 8th 2011    Tim Candler

      Processional Blue Jays apparently in turmoil.  There was a moment of complete anarchy this morning. Clearly a grumbling from the back bench hit a foul note and leadership fell to recrimination.  Which for a Processional Blue Jay appears to result in flying around in circles chasing other Processional Blue Jays while issuing high pitched yells.  Non-processional Blue Jays took no notice, they were too busy debating the merits of a patch in the cut grass.

     The trouble with a theory is that once it is iterated, the mind inclines to cling to it, as though it were a life raft.  Obvious flaws are dismissed as quickly as new ideas.  I guess a theory must hold through thick and thin because it is supported by pride, or honor, or one of those things that makes no sense whatsoever, but which nonetheless achieve a confluence within  an emotional state that satisfies the conditions of well-being.  "Damn right I am wrong but what's that got to do with it."

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