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Sunday October 9th 2011    Tim Candler

      It is possible I am wrong in my understanding of Blue Jays.  It's possible they are given October as their month to furlough, and this place where I live is a beach front property to them, and their flying around, their yelling and screaming serves no purpose beyond filling time before back to work.  To this end, and because I believe in science, I have realized newer categories of October Blue Jays.

     Processional Blue Jays, those I thought were going somewhere, are "Arriving" or "Departing" Blue Jays.   Those Blue Jays that spend their morning flying around chasing the tails of other Blue Jays are "Bored" Blue jays.  And those Blue Jays formerly under the title of "Non-Processional Nut Hunting" Blue Jays are more like the little old men with metal detectors.  But because I am so drawn to this category of Blue Jay I will call them "Sandcastle Builders."

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