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Sunday September 11th 2011    Tim Candler

    A Doodlebug likes to keep the entryway tidy.  She'll emerge from what I guess is her dinning room, sweep off the debris with her back legs, and if the inconsiderate have been careless with pebbles, or foot falls, or wheeled vehicles, she'll completely remodel.  And while doing this, sometimes, she will spot other Doodlebugs remodeling their own entryway. Probably bid them a good day and groan on about the simpleton with just the two legs and his lawn mower.  But there's only one way for a wheeled vehicle to move in and out of the barn, and that one way is directly across a Doodlebug colony.

     There are also disenchanted Doodlebugs.  Not for them the active life. Not for them a sunny location with good views of the sunrise and the odd Turkey.  They prefer the darker places, where all there is to worry about is an occasional wind that blows in the dried grass. Otherwise for months on end they can sit there with the knife and fork waiting.  They can ponder the recesses of meaning, and when they get bored they can emerge for the exercise of making certain that neighbors are keeping their distance and to check the children are still small..  

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