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Wednesday September 14th 2011    Tim Candler

    Now that the Grey Cat has gone, Porch Lizards have tails.   And one Front Porch Lizard has come to believe that his kingdom stretches as far as his eye can see, which means, for those of us who spend time on the front porch, we should really have passports to satisfy those criteria of subject-hood that fall under the heading of  obedience or invisibility.

     I think if I was a king I would try to be happy-go-lucky, my rules would be simple, but I would insist that everyone be at least polite enough to say good morning.  Yet some kings clearly become delusional, and I imagine it's because they think they have authority and are brilliant in every way. It's a paranoia, which leads to bad tempered glaring,  an aversion to the paparazzi camera and a refusal to move when some one wants his boots.

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