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Thursday September 22nd 2011    Tim Candler

      Fall Warblers are the most confusing of flying creatures to identify.  I gave up even attempting to put them into the neat categories, and have tried instead to show deference to those who prefer shy and bashful living arrangements.  But when a Warbler flies into the window and falls down dead, a person is tempted to take the opportunity to minutely examine its feathers and other features so often hidden by leaves and trees and shadows. 

     It's actually quite exciting for those of us obsessed to get so close.  And perhaps if his eyes had been closed I would have rushed around hunting down literature.  He had a hint of green and yellow along his back.  His belly light grey and speckled by browns.  His feet were cold when I picked him up, but his body still warm.  Of course in time past the practice was to kill a bird in order to be absolutely certain of its correct location in the family of birds.  I believe 'fine shot' was recommended.

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