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Tuesday  September 27th 2011    Tim Candler

      I can tell you that on January the first 2012 here in Kentucky it will be a winter's day.  But I can't tell you whether January the first 2012 will be a sunny, or a raining, or a snowing, or a cloudy with drizzle winter's day.  And the odds are that outside of wild guesses no one will be able to tell me the weather for January the first 2012 until maybe December thirtieth 2011. Seasons are circular things with a beginning and an end.  Whereas weather and so much more will always be infinite and mysterious lines, theories for which currently resonant around words like chaos, for which there is enthusiasm because adherents can still insist that future behavior is fully determined by initial conditions, and the world is therefore safe from the anomaly of living things.

     Which is why I have come to understand that the word random is culturally unacceptable.  That which is defined as having  no specific or measurable pattern or purpose is a lackadaisical, beatnik behavior, and of no use to anyone outside the fashion industry.  Even the fifty/fifty chance is risky business, which is why the fairness of a coin toss traditionally begins a sporting event.  And the shrug is never a correct answer unless accompanied by a smile or a joke.  So from now on my own Grand Theory will be written this way : S+R=?  Of course on rainy days I will square S and I will put a sigh beside R, and I will do this because on rainy days the disturbed are more prone to hunting down agents of cause.

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