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Thursday September 29th 2011    Tim Candler

      There has been diligence in mowing this year.  The truly organic will point to the gallons of unleaded gasoline, the lack of a converter on a Briggs and Stratton L Head, and suggest I invest in a scythe to more properly manage the acres of cut grass.  And I would agree with them because in my mind there is glamour associated with men who have rhythm.  

     The last time I used a scythe, it was years ago before I wore a belt and, if I remember correctly, I almost lost a foot.  The doddering old man instructing me, first showed me how to sharpen the blade, which I tested with a finger tip and would still have the scar had I not lost that finger tip to a Tecumseh engine.  He of course could work happily for hours, while I was exhausted after about two minutes.

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