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Wednesday April 11th 2012    Tim Candler

       To sum a culture, a person has to be remarkably arrogant.  And it is useful to remember that mathematics is what I guess can be called, abstract. Which is to say, mathematics has no experience of being mathematics and is therefore the obvious answer. But I will say that most decisions are made in spaces that are increasingly abstract, until something infuriating happens and a mind is persuaded to think, "This is nuts!"  An opinion I voice rather too often.

    In looking for words to describe the powerful, I suspect it's better to think of the powerful as - tending to be the last to conclude, "This is nuts."  Which is why last night's patchy frost can too easily be handed over to the abstract of mathematics, a calculation of air movement,  the Kyoto Butterfly flapping it's wings and the physics of radiational cooling.  Me, I'm determined to think of it as a demonic being plotting to kill off  Asparagus, decimate the Strawberry.  This way I can at least pretend to belong to the earth.

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