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Friday April 13th 2012    Tim Candler

       Tea leaves have been cast upon the saucer, predictions have been issued.  Early next week there's a chance of rain, or maybe just lightning.  Otherwise, dawn will blink sleepily at the short trousers and say "No".  Definitely sun hat with winds gusting into the irritating range.  And definitely hosepipe mornings with watering can  late afternoons.  All the same I would like to know what it is that differentiates, "Partly Sunny" from "Mostly Sunny."  And "Partly Cloudy" from "Mostly Cloudy."

    "Partly Sunny" means more sun than cloud.  "Mostly Sunny" means less than 30 percent of the sky is covered by cloud.  "Partly Cloudy" means more cloud than sun. "Mostly Cloudy" means more than 70 percent of sky is covered by cloud  Simple enough, but for those of us not blessed with a mind like a steel trap, it's not as easy to remember as it might sound. 

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