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Sunday April 1st 2012    Tim Candler

     The April Fool's joke should be played before eleven in the morning, or maybe that's just for school boys.  Iranians have indulged an April 1st since around six hundred years before what these days is politely called the Common Era.  In Scotland, April Fool's is or was "Hunt the Gowk Day."  A "Gowk"  is a Cuckoo or simpler mind.  French Canadians have "April's Fish Day."  Which is all about attaching a paper fish to a persons back without them knowing.  All of which are yet more good reasons to just stay home.

     My own theory has to do with an idea of 'innocence.'  The easily deluded.  Those who believe without first suspicion.  The Massacre of the Innocents. First blood.  And for some reason, whether funny or cruel, disillusioning the innocent has been given a day all to its own.  Then  April Fool's becomes entertainment with advertising.  We half-wits wait  for the big one.  What will Google do this year?  I am certain the Guardian will think of something.  The Sacramento Bee.  Fox News is always painful.  Even the Washington Times has blundered into the Museum of Hoaxes, thrashed around and asked for an email address. And it's possible that someone high up there thinks everyday is April Fool's.

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