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Sunday April 22nd 2012    Tim Candler

     Those with a potential to be obsessed by weather might call this yet another cooling trend and they might show signs of the emotional distress that culminates in outburst.  There have been so many times when under the stress of similar circumstances, I have looked at the calendar for next year and I have made notes on it that end with several exclamation marks.  An act of reasonableness which I believed would better serve a future me.

    This morning I greeted a mixed weather forecast with little more than a shrug of acceptance. I gave one of the tick bites a good scratch, and I think I might have sneezed a few times. The word "frost" did nothing to either effect or affect the balance of my keel.  Nor will I be looking for the ink pen, or pencil and pencil sharpener.  I'll not be making notes, I'll not be counting exclamation marks.  Because I am now convinced such present efforts at reasonableness have absolutely no effect or affect on a future me.

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