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Monday April 23rd 2012    Tim Candler

     I briefly worked in an Accounting Office, and have felt deep sympathy for the office worker ever since.  In those days the double entry was done by pencil, the adding up and the taking away was done by a machine with buttons that made quite a loud noise as it spat out paper from a roll, which when the roll ran out, required the qualities of a Nun to replace..  It soon became clear that the newest and most junior clerk suffered from either a dyslexia or a Bolshevistic attitude toward concentration. Too often I was called to the head table, to hear the words, "Another Error of transposition."

    An "Error of Transposition" is when two digits are reversed.  Twenty one is a far distance from twelve, ninety one much further from nineteen, and that's even before the multiplying and dividing functions exaggerate the confusion.  But it's good to know, after all this time, that The Great Oneness is also prone to "Error of Transposition." This year it seems, to at least one elderly and still junior clerk, that the Great One wrote April before March into the year, and his senior minions are clearly even more robotic in the literal nature of their obedience. And I bet the adding machine had no Nun in attendance, so there'll be no paper trail for the persnickety out here in the hallways to puzzle over.

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