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Saturday April 28th 2012    Tim Candler

      I should really devote April 28th to a bird. I know I have spent time with the Summer Tanager on an April 28th, and I on another April 28th I have attempted to justify shooting Cowbirds. And I have spent time with Wrens that call in the morning, just before the sun rises into the longer days all through April into May.  A shattering noise it can be.

      There are White Bread Sparrows in the car park and around the lunch tables at work. They like the white bread and probably they are one of the few birds in the world that pretend pickles have merit.  It's their diet coke with the French fries, I guess.  Pizza crust is a favorite.  They are not that fond of jams and jellies, but they'll quarrel over them, so long as the butter is real..

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