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Monday April 2nd 2012    Tim Candler

     It's either humid, or I have maybe a week of living left to fill.  And I guess I should probably find the short trousers so that I might become less fearful of that first walkabout with knees so white, they outrage the Mockingbird.  As well there is the swimming head which sometimes leads to dizziness, and which is always a reminder that our species was never correctly designed to be upright.  So either God is not perfect or we are a product of an evolutionary process which thanks to the medical profession probably has little chance of any improvement in design.

     All the same, this time last week I had the grand title of Associate and I was busy fulfilling my obligations by scurrying around like a hormonal Rabbit trying hard not to lose myself to the sentence "who in the world pays money for this crap." So give me the throbbing temple, the running nose, the ringing ears, the creaking back, the aching bones, the aristocratic wrist, the earache and all that goes with the wonder and happiness of Vegetable Gardens.

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