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Tuesday April 3rd 2012    Tim Candler

South West Beech April third 2011

     If I were to look for a way to describe the growing season of 2011, I would first have to be able to recall the growing season of 2009 and on back into the past.  One of the things that does jump up and wave at me from last year are Mice, a family of them, in the Vegetable Garden.  They enjoyed the end part of a Bean, and the sweeter part of a Strawberry. Interesting too from last year is how few Stinkbugs I found and how few Bean Beetle I found.

     The question is, should I make a correlation.  Can I say about the Mouse, that because he could not live upon Beans and Strawberry alone, he developed a taste for Stinkbug and Bean Beetle.  Can I go on to say that while parenting his children, he might have insisted, "Eat all your Stinkbug first, then you can have a Bean Beetle."  Nor do I remember finding the scattered parts of Stinkbug.  Nothing half chewed, no sign of feasting.

South West Beech April third 2012

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