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Wednesday April 4th 2012    Tim Candler

      This growing season, I will be working on the Mouse Theory of Stinkbug control and for aesthetic reasons I will be calling all Mice, Field Mice.  There will of course be objections, and many will point to the list of foods that a Field Mouse is known to consume and ask the inevitable question.  Field Mice are herbivores?  Nowhere on the Field Mouse list of foods, is the word insect.

     The House Mouse, on the other hand, has a diet that includes  families of non-vegetable and their remains.  So more likely it's a House Mouse that gathers the clan on a starry night to foray after Stinkbug.  Then they come home with full tummies, awful belching and tales of incredible daring.  And I guess they maintain a trophy room, which is why I never have seen in the Vegetable Garden, those parts of Stinkbug that just cannot be edible.  But one day I might find them all.

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