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Friday April 6th 2012    Tim Candler

      The argument that Feudalism never really went away is a temptation.  Try being late for work without proper credentials followed by that sort of groveling that defines obedience.  It's indentured we are to the powerful, of whom there are fewer and fewer thank goodness. Theirs is a long tradition of killing off their peers, while we cheer, so long as it's all done fashionably.  And yes, "verily.... before the cock crow, thou shalt deny me thrice." Which is honest Mathew, King James Edition, and which is why today is Good Friday and temptation indeed to make the analogy, because the Carrots are showing and it will most likely frost tonight. So perhaps I should sleep outside in just the cotton nightie. Which either contributes to The Passion or is madness. Either way, I'll have Asparagus for supper tonight.

     What is cruel or unusual, are of course figments of culture.  Up there with the idea of Freedom, Equality and the American Dream.  All the same I have come to think we are each of us, better off when the powerful truly believe the nicer figments are god given rather than products of reason, because it means the powerful expect less from us, or they go to hell.  Then the time comes when a person has to ask whether the Disciples saw Jesus as a career opportunity which included loose fitting shoes, and which practiced the intimacy of  foot washing.  Which is why I could never be an Anabaptist or a Leveler.  I am  particularly ticklish around the distant peripheries and probably would have been two thousand forty odd years ago when a cross meant crucifixion, so probably there were fewer of them back then.  It's as well though, it all happened so long ago, saving future generations from hanging an electric chair or a whole death chamber around their necks.

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