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Wednesday August 15th 2012    Tim Candler

     We have the Great Black Wasp in abundance.  They must all be girl Wasps because boy Wasps, who have no sting I try to remember, are reclusive and hiding, spend most of their shorter life span staring at the stars or grumbling about this or that as they pollinate the odd flower, while girl Great Black Wasps buzz around, dig huge holes in the ground,  hunt down Cicada and Katydid and Grasshopper, and generally remain well occupied.

      "They must be one of the larger Wasp," I can hear the refrain. And I laugh at the poverty of such a description.  The Sperm Wale is large.  The Burmese Python is large.  Elephants are less dangerous than African Buffalo.  But the Great Black Wasp is just bloody enormous if she catches you, when you're about your own business, trying to be useful, flat on your back in her dirt, giving hell to the more cantankerous personality of an older mowing machine.

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