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Thursday August 16th 2012    Tim Candler

     I have access to the internet, and sometimes I get a presumptuous Email from someone I have never met, nor ever want to.  Almost always the Email is an attempt to persuade me that there's a  burden upon me to act quickly or else I miss an opportunity to possess this or that valuable artifact, or contraption, or chance to win a reduced rate aboard a plague infested, child friendly cruise ship, or hotel with a swimming pool.   

      Which is why I mostly sneer, but when it comes to the issue of Mole and Fruit Fly slaughtering I am easily tempted.   The  "Pear shaped Fruit Fly Trap: $19.95," I am told, is  "attractive, effective and discreet." As it happens I have seen the "Pear shaped Fruit Fly Trap."  Held it in my hands.  It is neither discreet or attractive, and I strongly suspect it is also ineffective.  But who knows.

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