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Sunday August 19th 2012    Tim Candler

     Some of us have ear wax and other issues with accompanying pain, lumpen-ness, that sense of actually being underwater and a ringing in the ears that I have convinced myself is because hearing apparatus is too close to vessels supplying blood to the head.  Not an attractive subject, but worth addressing because it provides an opportunity to again raise the matter of yet one more design flaw in the species I belong to.

      If we were made by an all knowing brilliance, it would have given us ear canals that traveled north toward an eardrum and Eustachian tube in the top of the head, instead of these questionable organs being placed directly beside the main arteries which pump an increasingly unnecessary quantity of blood to the brain.  And don't tell me it's yet one more 'mysterious way.'   Just tell me where the 'off switch' is located.

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