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Thursday August 23rd 2012    Tim Candler

     Not certain how effective a bowl of Apple Cider Vinegar is at seducing Fruit Fly.  I'd like to think that advice from a Friend who lives too far away, a native of these parts and one who must therefore have good familiarity with the Fruit Fly scourge, has been carefully followed.  I pictured the little creatures falling over each other in their attempt to be the first to take that giant step into the unknown, or oblivion.  I pictured the upstairs community of Fruit Fly making a bee line for Apple Cider Vinegar on the kitchen counter downstairs.  I saw myself walk to the compost pile with at least one heaped teaspoon of corpses.  And I pictured myself well satisfied by my ability to follow directions.  Sadly, except for a certain somnolence in kitchen Fruit Flies which has made them more satisfying to swat at, no such moments have come to pass.  But perhaps there is an impatience in me, a longing for the quick fix, and like a watched pot coming to the boil, Fruit Fly are also shy.

      Of course it could be the color of the bowl that I have chosen to contain Apple Cider Vinegar.  It's a mottled blue glaze of some kind.  Hand thrown and higher fired.  Which in most respects is perfectly fashionable, except for the color, which being blue or bluish, falls foul of a set of patterns in the thinking of many who call themselves potters in this much less than perfect world.  And quite possible that Fruit Flies too are cliquish when it comes to the color of glazes, so I am going to try again, and this time I am looking for a color that's earthy, and sewer pipe bland, or at least without any sense of tranquility whatsoever. I remember the Pear Shaped Fruit Fly Trap for $19.95.  It came in two colors, a lime green with day-glow qualities and a most upsetting cough drop red. Which, however painful to look at, could well be a less expensive than the current alternative which is a Weather Master 10 With Hinged Door, a cabin tent from Coleman for $229.00, shipping and stakes not included.

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