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Friday August 24th 2012    Tim Candler

     The answer may well be that when there is less and less it's better to secure more and more for fewer and fewer.  Just look around, and the alternative of sharing is quite without foundation in the experience of a human being, except perhaps in one or other of the many fictions that are raised to secure orderliness in limited spaces, such as cinemas, or golf courses, or political conventions.

      Me, I go back to the womb, where we could lie in ambient fluids, hoping to be sufficiently important to dominate the day to day of everything around us.  I argue the battle is downhill from the moment we are asked to breath on our own or think our own thoughts.  And I guess short of some kind of lobotomy, or big green pill, or rigorous entrance exam, this has to be a problem in heaven as well.

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