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Saturday August 25th 2012    Tim Candler

     'Oblivion' gains a more reputable address if it hangs the title Authentic, or Grace, or Come In, upon its front door.  'Nothingness' on the other hand is not a something a person wishes to read when he lifts a knuckle to knock on that same front door. Granted all words are inventions of mind which are then shared, rather than real things that would exist without us. And granted, 'nothingness' has associations of meaning that I have stretched and contorted, in order to better understand the nuances within 'oblivion.'

     It's a zero, a no thing, without existence and so on, rather than the serenity, 'oblivion' is sometimes attached to.  But in the search for this moment now, the alternative to which is always either 'oblivion' or 'nothing,' I could think instead of this moment now, in terms of it being a full glass, which might tempt me to call last orders so tomorrow would not come.  But I prefer to think of this moment now as 'time,' or as 'cheerfulness', or maybe 'gravity.' And it's these things I prefer to think, keep the breath in me, rather than something with the potential to be half empty, or even 'nothing.' A primitive thought I know and one which does no service to purpose, or any of those other oddities that so constrain the imagination, and which are so vital for those arrangements that make the idea of tomorrow possible.

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