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Friday August 31st 2012    Tim Candler

    There's a point when you look into the face of one who belongs to the political class, and the question emerges, "Does this person really believe what they are saying?"  Some years ago my answer was, "probably not."  And this suggested an understanding of political parties that put them into the category of  advertizing agencies.  Amongst whom there is an acceptance of the world as an essentially rotting place where deception is defined as a personal salvation through stretching the limits of idea.  The phrase "whiter than white"  rings still in my ear as I mix colors into the clothes washer.  As does "a flick and it's lit" when I look at a cigarette and wonder what emphysema will be like. Nor will I remark upon the phrase "Ever Blooming."  But I did think "political party as advertising agency" a remarkably positive understanding, and felt rather smug, especially on January Twenty First 2010, following a five to four decision, when reason, and perhaps the more traditional idea of democracy, left nothing but a fingernail when it fell from a fourth floor library window.

     I have also flirted with the idea that power can be understood in the same way that particle physics attempts to grasp the universe through an understanding of what they call The Four, or is it now The Five, Fundamental Forces.  I could think of power as a dynamic system, which means those who posses the most of it determine what future states, or shapes will emerge from the present state, or shape.   But this idea of a dynamic system has the purity and predictability of mathematics, which is why I'd prefer to say, individuals drawn to the  political class represent what physics might call quanta, the tiniest bits that are necessary for something to involve itself in interaction with other bits. Then I can go on to say, power is the Field in which these light hearted elemental particles gallop around at the speed of light, and as they do so they gather mass, or nonsense, depending upon who falls flat in the mud first.  It's an ill thought out theory and I find it wonderfully depressing, so it has to be absolutely true which means I can go to bed happy.

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