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Tuesday August 7th 2012    Tim Candler

    A person has to wonder about the evolutionary path of a Wasp Sting.  Quite certain there are theories that put the Wasp Sting into the arena of survival of those Wasps that had the most advantageous sting as they cruised their environment in search of smaller creatures to paralyze before bundling into a perfectly hexagonal chamber so their wretched offspring might have something to feed upon.. And too, interestingly enough, Boy Wasps have no sting, their role is purely that of pleasuring Queens.

     Nor was it enough for the Wasp to come up with an honorable poison that would simply anesthetize a victim, send us unfortunates into a genteel and painless decline with that vague chance of entering a dream state where Honeysuckle and Buddleia are not considered a curse.  Not in the least did the first Wasps think that way. Their preference was for a poison that produced terrible pain accompanied by near death experience as consciousness watches flesh swell, followed by months of mind altering itchiness and involuntary twitching.

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