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Tuesday December 11th 2012    Tim Candler

    A current view suggests the asteroid that killed off the Dinosaurs sixty five million years ago, did a similar damage to all terrestrial species with a body weight of over one pound.  Quite how this scholarship measured its conclusion I couldn't find out.  More convincing to the gist of their theorizing perhaps, are the species that either do or do not achieve a body mass of more than one pound.  A bathroom scale would for example require about eight very well fed Mockingbirds perched calmly upon it to measure one pound.  And when the Mockingbirds had had their turn on the bathroom scale, a person would have to corral  between eighty and a hundred Ruby Throated Hummingbirds to achieve a one pound reading.

     A Kestrel,  averages around one pound and four ounces, so he'd be right on the edge of becoming extinct.  But an Eastern Screech Owl, who can trill the daylights out of a person, and when it's dark can sound as though he has the intention of dining upon somebody's spine, usually weighs just under a pound.  A Bald Eagle is up there with a twelve or thirteen pound Turkey, and he'd certainly not make it through an Asteroid Winter.  Nor would an Ostrich.  A boy Ostrich, who is well fed and proud, can weigh up to thirty thousand Hummingbirds, and when he looks around he can be almost seven feet tall. 

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