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Friday December 14th 2012    Tim Candler

    Structure is usefully defined this way, "The interrelation or arrangement of parts in a complex entity."  This definition suggests that a structure exists, and to understand it fully, better to dissect out its parts, give them names, lay them out on the table, point to this or that part and declare, "X looks like this and in the whole it performs the function of B."   Then if I wish to replicate a structure, I can do so with some sense of confidence.  And while doing so, I can perhaps add a little something here and a little something there, which might either enhance the structure or cause it to fall down when the wind blows.  Structure can also be thought of in terms of reasoning.  A logical argument has structure.  A belief in facts as the basis of an understanding has the makings of integrity within a structure.  The Earth is currently a middle aged Globe, which travels around the Sun.

     My own struggle with structure is perhaps less complex.  I have found that applying myself on as daily a basis as I can manage to the mostly nonsense upon these pages, I am able to develop what I will call a, "structural integrity."  Certainly this integrity is more likely an integrity within the structure of my emotions, and this is, I have to admit, an integrity that could also be achieved through medication by prescription drug or regular visit to the liquor store.  However, the question I ask myself is why I attempt to share these pages with others.  This motion within me, is  maybe something to do with pandering to an outside and self perceived entity that has authority and from whom I may receive the occasional pat on the head. And this thought unsettles me because it calls me to it, in the way that Sirens called mariners to destruction on the rocks that surrounded their flowery island. Which I guess could be called a "dialectic of me."  But I prefer to think of it as a geometry, because "dialectic" in my mind implies progress or advance, where as geometry more likely, just is..  A necessary distinction in an understanding of "being," or "consciousness," or "awareness," or "nature."

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